Wide Shotgun Safe Level ll
Our Price $2,499.00
Wide Shotgun Safe Level V
Our Price $2,799.00
Wide Shotgun Safe Level Vll
Our Price $3,999.00

Wide Shotgun Safes

Presently, there are countless shotgun safes available in the market, but not all of them provide adequate protection for your shotguns. Some gun safes are made of high quality materials, but they do not have innovative features that provide convenient and worry-free storage. Others have very attractive designs and many advanced features, but they do not have high resistance against physical force and detrimental elements. When you are purchasing a shotgun safe, you have to look for a dependable safe that offers the best gun storage experience.
Homeland Security is one of the leading manufacturers of safes, and its shotguns safes are highly sought after in the United States. Drawing from its extensive experience and knowledge in safe manufacturing, the company has created a number of shotgun safes that can meet the expectations of the most discerning gun owners. All Homeland Security shotguns safes are designed with the best interest of shotgun owners in mind. They are built with the most advanced materials and features, and they provide unparalleled security for your shotguns.

There are three models in Homeland Security’s shotgun safe series, and they include the Level II, Level V, and Level VII. These safes can store 16 to 32 shotguns, and they are made with ultra-strong and lightweight materials. They come in a number of attractive colors to suit the preferences of different gun owners, including black, gray, blue, green, red, and brown.
The main reason why Homeland Security shotgun safes are so highly sought after is because of the high level of security they provide. They are equipped with highly advanced security features, such as the S&G spy-proof lock, two relocking devices, anti-theft handle mechanism, and a 60 rockwell steel plate for better drilling protection. With these features in place, it is almost impossible for unauthorized people to open the safes by physical force or tools. Additionally, Homeland Security shotgun safes have excellent resistance against fire. The Level II model can withstand 1200 degrees of heat for 30 minutes, while Level VII has a fire rating of 2300 degrees for 60 minutes. All shotgun safes that are manufactured by Homeland Security come with a lifetime warranty.