Vault Door Installation

1. Prepare opening: The outside face of the wall with the proper size block-out opening for the vault door should be finished including any drywall, etc. Complete and ready to receive the vault door. The inside face of the wall may also be finished, The outside of the wall should be plumed.

2. Prepare the vault room: Provide enough light inside of the vault room and position at least one person inside the room with tool and bolts necessary to attach to the concrete wall.

3. Staging vault door for lifting: Position the vault door flat on the floor, with the outside of the door facing up, so it can be raised to a vertical position at a right angle (90 degrees) to the opening. Then with appropriate help, raise the door to the vertical position.

Warning! Do not open the door in this position until after it is moved into the opening.

4. Moving the door into the opening: Using extreme caution and enough help, move the door into the opening, walking one side at a time works best. When the door face frame is flat against the outside of the wall, check the vertical direction with a level to make sure it is plumed. After positioning the door in the opening, unlock the combination lock and release the locking bolts by turning the handle. If interference is detected, adjust the frame.

5. After the door is set in place just bolt the door directly to the concrete, you could use any type of bolts.