The Best Protection for Your Firearms

Gun safes are the best source of protection available to secure weapons.
They come in various styles and carry many different features, they are really heavy
and difficult to get into (if you do not have the combination).

Gun safes are heavy to move around, some of our gun safes weight over 1,000 lbs.
If a crook breaks into your home it would be impossible for him to pick up the
safe and walk out with it. Crooks do not carry dollies, pallet jacks, or suchlike items
when they break into a house. Just in case we recommend to bolt the safe into the

To make it difficult for someone to open your safe look for upgrades.
Mechanical or digital locks are best rather than key locks.
These types of locks allow you to lock the safe and grant access only to those who
know the combination. In addition, locks are equipped with an internal re locker
that locks the safe a second time in case of tampering.

When looking at gun safes consider the various styles and different features
before you make your selection.
The most important thing is to get a gun safe so thieves will not be able to steal
your weapons.


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